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Much has changed in the world since William Younger started his brewing journey way back in 1749. Thankfully, our delicious beer hasn’t.

Today, we continue to pour centuries of brewing experience into every drop of Younger’s to ensure it tastes as good as ever.

We’re convinced that William Younger himself would raise a glass to it’s popularity.

To many, Younger’s Best is a tried, tested and trusted name they’ve grown up with, and it’s one they can always rely on. To others, it’s an easy drinking, satisfying ale with the reassurance of tradition and heritage. But there’s one thing everyone agrees on, and that’s that Younger’s Best will always be a favourite.

Tasting Notes
A deliciously lightly malted ale with a hint of sweetness.

ABV: 3.1%
Bitter: 1.5/5
Sweet: 1.5/5
Colour: Russet Brown
Aroma: Roasted Malt

Younger’s Tartan Special is a trusted, traditional Scottish beer with strong brewing credentials. This iconic beer was re-launched in can in 2013 after lots of requests from fans, at this point the can had not been produced since the late 90’s. Now this much loved beer can be enjoyed at home or at the pub.

Tasting Notes
A traditional ale brimming with a rich, roast barley flavour and balanced by a crisp, fruity finish.

ABV: 3.7%
Bitter: 2/5
Sweet: 3.5/5
Colour: Polished Copper
Aroma: Oak, lightly smoked barley

Younger’s Scotch Bitter is a traditional smooth ale with the reassurance of Younger’s tradition and heritage.

Very popular in the North of England, our drinkers enjoy Younger’s Scotch Bitters creamy texture and caramel, fruity flavour.

Tasting Notes
This dark Scottish ale is richly malted with sweet caramel and fruit flavours. 

ABV: 3.7%
Bitter: 2/5
Sweet: 3/5
Colour: Chestnut Brown
Aroma: Sweet Roasted Malt

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